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Hey im new at groups. I got diagnosed with BPD today. Bipola


Hey im new at groups. I got diagnosed with BPD today. Bipolar diagnosed for eleven years too. Any advice on next steps for treatment?

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Sep 10

Welcome to the BPD Support Group! Congratulations on finally having a Borderline diagnosis - a lot of things will start making more sense now. The major therapies for Borderline are Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Schema Therapy, Mentalization Therapy, and traditional psychoanalysis (there are newer forms in use now)...and there are many other types of therapies which can also be helpful. What advice did you receive from the person who diagnosed you? What supports do you already have in place? Glad you're here.

Sep 11

Thank you! I was told to watch the video "back from the edge". I haven't watched it yet

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Sep 13

I watched part of it. It was interesting.


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