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Hey everyone! I just joined this group. I am currently re

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Hey everyone!
I am currently really struggling with BPD. My teenage eating disorder behaviours have resurfaced after many years. I think it could be considered a form of self-harm... I'm worried about being committed to the mental hospital again as my psychiatrist has started to monitor my weight (she's never done that before). I know it's bad and that I need to stop losing more weight. I just can't seem to be able to stop. Any advice to help me get through this period? And if I can't gain, to at least top losing more! :(


Hi La Paz, it's hard to know how to respond but I do see that you are in distress. Lately when I chose or want to chose to act out, whether by lashing out with words, behaving in a self-destructive pattern, or refusing to access the appropriate coping skills, I try to ask myself some questions in an honest, nonjudgemental way: what happened before I had this urge? What is the real thing I'm trying to communicate with this action? Will this achieve my real goal? If not, what might be a different way to meet that need? Best of luck

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Jan 15

@Woichneigewesenbin Thank you so much <3


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