Helloo, moving back home with parents was fine. Until i st

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moving back home with parents was fine.
Until i started my work :)) at supermarket as a cashier.
I hate it from day 1 but here are like 5 job choices and i can apply for like 3.
Wa trying to stay strong, 2 times told that i want to quit but they talked me down to stay because some people need to go on vacations..
i agreed to stay till the end of this month.
I just caaaaaan't wait till the end . I feel like my heart is racing extra fast as i enter job and don't stop till the end of the day. I hate waking up in the mornings and going there , every day i want to stay home.
I am hating this job as no other before. Never thought being cashier is soo hard. I hate seeing those people in lines every day, looking at me while i try to work as fast as i can.. i just hate that so many people see me. I thought this was a small town. But somehow i managed to apply for biggest and most stressful shop at this town.
Waiting for the end of the month and then i want to apply as a dishwasher - part time. It will be less stresful for me i think
And more time for my painting.
I wouldn't do this , but i need to save for finishing school..
life situation at this moment is - no no no !
At least i am at my parents home and always have a place where to sleep and something to eat.

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