Hello.. my wife has recently been diagnosed with borderline

Hello.. my wife has recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.. how to take care of her.. our relationship is full of conflicts and fights and recently i came to know about it. Also, does drugs and counselling help? As there is no cure..

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Jul 17

Bpd is a serious condition, as serious as bipolar or schizophrenia.. in other words, she needs to take every step possible to help herself. For me, I was 100x worse when not going to counselling, and ever worse not on meds. I would highly recommend she at least sees a counsellor and if not seeing a counsellor/psychiatrist while also taking antidepressants that also stabilize her mood. I know some people aren't happy about the idea, but it honestly really helps. If she doesn't do either, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to help herself. I hope you can somehow persuade her into understanding how she's affecting you and understand that meds and help from other people really does help. All the best to you and good luck!

Jul 19

Thank u for ur wonderful suggestions. I am taking her for counselling though she is not taking drugs now. Lets see how this turns out.

Jul 19

Taking dbt classes may help alot..im sorry you fight a lot I'm bpd my husband is finally learning not to blame himself it is me most of the time. But to be that person with bpd having your spouse listen and be there but not enable does a huge difference.


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