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Hello, just have a question my daughter has BPD and I really

Hello, just have a question my daughter has BPD and I really don't know to deal with her with the depression, anger issue , suicide thoughts and the break ups my daughter has a mental crisis of some sort almost every day she sees a doctor he gives her some strong nerve pills and that's all he dose for her. but what I would like to know is what can I do to help her I don't even know where to start and I feel so bad for her and I feel so helpless what should I do or not do ?????

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Nov 7

@nightwatch123 there's a support group here for loved ones of those suffering from Borderline. The best gift you can give your daughter is to become healthier yourself. Another helpful website for loved ones is - and whether or not your daughter is open to DBT/Dialectical Behavior Therapy or another treatment approach (CBT, Schema Therapy, Mentalization Therapy, Transference-Focused Therapy and psychoanalysis are all proven to be useful with Borderline), your learning and using the DBT skills may help you navigate your relationship with her: Wishing you and your daughter peace.

Nov 7

Thank you all for the advice I will check into the web sites

Nov 7

I can tell you that you know your daughter, when things happen that call for your attention understand that your daughter is exactly who she is right there and then, in that moment, she may come out with things that you don’t understand but this is only one side of your daughter you need to know.


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