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Hello, do you guys help with support for those involved with

Hello, do you guys help with support for those involved with BDP individuals?

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Aug 12

@LG2003 you've taken a great first step then. And that's all you can do for right now. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask! Surprisingly lol, we're a pretty supportive, open minded group.

Aug 13

@[email protected] thank you. I've been off work for a while now trying to relax my mind. I know earlier you mentioned sharing your response to certain circumstances. I'm not sure how it would help considering my circumstances. But my wife tends to be very controlling finances, plans, how the household is carried. I'm very capable of handeling her but at the same time we have a child and in order for the family to function healthily and balanced she's needs to be very focused on her getting better at her reactions. I feel pushed into a corner and my hands were tied with everything she did, said and acted upon. She has no recognition of authority, she seems to believe she's untouchable. I can't be completely sure she feels terrible about basically leavi me to live in the street or out of my car. No concern whatsoever, luckily an old coworker took me in. Idk maybe I'm looking for answers only she can give me? My thing is I married her and I hold marriage at a very high standard and very sacred to me and in a sense forgive me, but I feel she tarnished that for me. I also have reason to believe someone else is in the picture. It's very difficult to say that because the research I've read says BPD individuals have a history of unstable relationships. Which considering her history it makes sense. I have been the longest relationship she's had regardless of her actions, words, abusive nature, mentally, emotionally etc towards me. I'm just confused what did I do wrong for her to not see I've been trying? At the same time I need to take back control of my life and my happiness. Idk I need to go to bed, I feel consumed by all this and I don't like that feeling. Gn

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Aug 13

@MsRobot thank you and I will keep you all in kind if I have anymore questions. Gn


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