Good morning everyone I just want to say always thank you fo

Good morning everyone I just want to say always thank you for being a great support to me I hope that I’m able to be a support to you guys as well I’m going into work and as I’ve always posted before I’m having some issues at work but I really believe it’s more my borderline kicking in and causing more anguish in my life I sometimes wonder if I’m ever going to get through fighting this borderline


I’m sorry to hear about your health problems. I been in therapy more than half of my life. One of my therapists did some DBT with me for a few months. It wasn’t even the standard DBT, only a session per week. I think it was the most helpful therapy in the shortest amount of time, throughout my entire life. I wish I had the opportunity to access a full DBT program! I’m also in my 40’s. I was 40 when I tried DBT and I’ve wanted a more extensive experience ever since then.
Sorry if I sound preachy. It was helpful for me and I hope sometime you will give it a try. No other therapy ever gave me such positive results.

Apr 8

Thank u . I can ask to get into that treatment I think they did start it For me but then I lost that insurance and I got different insurance so now I have to find a new therapist and it’s absolutely awful I can’t seem to find one takes my insurance I need a doctor also a psychiatrist and I can’t find anyone. I can’t take it anymore it is very hard to live with it.


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