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Funny how I love this girl but every time she tried to get w

Funny how I love this girl but every time she tried to get with me, I walked away.. Now I'm giving her relationship advice with her new boyfriend. There's a fight inside of me, 1 part of me just wants to give advice to a struggling friend, but the other wants her relationship to crash..

So I'm stuck here giving good advice and feeling bad about it.

Funny how I set myself up all the time.

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Jul 17

@Ofelia I've loved her since December, I told her back then. She tried to get with me and I was too afraid, I dodged her every time she gave me a chance. She stopped giving chances, I started acting up. We separated for 5 months and now we're talking again. Didn't let her off my mind for a single day since December...

She probably thinks I'm over her. I think it's for the best, I'd rather suffer with her around than suffer alone.

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Jul 18

@Dagon312 But, don't you think maybe having her around is increasing your suffering?

Jul 18

@Ofelia Yes.

Even if I managed to force myself to get rid of her, we still share friends and a sports club.


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