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Does anyone know or have any ideas what to do when your sick

Does anyone know or have any ideas what to do when your sick of fighting the illness and don’t want to just use skills annymore

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Cyn0412's picture
Jul 19

I feel bad that I can’t be a support for others. I’m supposed to be. I’m the nurse and that’s my job but I can’t right now. Been off work for 2 weeks and off again next week. Hopefully I will be ready by then. I hope in time I can be there for others with bpd thank you all for the support right now

Maria40m's picture
Jul 20

I think we all feel like this on a daily basis you have to keep that hope in’s exhausting and crazy but I have excepted that it’s not my fault I have bpd but it’s my fault if I choose to let it rule me and others . Keep soldering on and believe in yourself.


@Cyn0412 just like you'd probably tell a patient, there are times when you need to rest and be taken care of! I understand though.


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