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Does anyone else get extremely obsessed with people? I’m s

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Does anyone else get extremely obsessed with people? I’m so ashamed to admit this. If I feel like someone is attracted to me romantically and as friends, I will go out of my way to ‘stalk’ them online, seeing who else they’re friends with, seeing if their friends would like me, seeing when their birthday is, and finding out all the information I need to know about them. I mean I don’t just do it with people, I do it with things. When I first found out I had bpd I intensely searched to find everything I could out about it.
Is this a BPD thing or am I just extra?

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Dec 5

@Borderline death she probably had never been heard before, maybe even like she could speak to her, I hope she gets help too.

Dec 6

I do the same thing. It is very embarrassing. I freaked out someone this way and was later ashamed by that. But now I have learned to draw line. Not sure if I am successful in teaching myself coz now i stay away from human beings

Dec 10

@Princess21 I have gotten to that point of just staying away from people, helps that I have no friends here. I guess that's my drawing a line. I used to thing that the extra was good and special, since my diagnosis - it's messing with my head, and I've gone in the opposite direction. I'm just hoping the next dimension is better.


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