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Clinicians, doctors, and organizations don't give a **** abo


Clinicians, doctors, and organizations don't give a **** about BPD. I can't even get my meds switched. Still looking at research papers (what little I can find online without a researcher's access) online that looked as if they may have made some headway on concepts that can help us, but they're from 2008-2010 (etc) with few to no updates since. Because no one cares if we suffer.

CKBlossom's picture
Sep 11

I have found with health issues that sometimes you have to think outside the box and figure out your own plan because I don't think it is that they don't care, more that they don't have the time or means to do anything different.

Sep 13

Thanks, guys. And sorry for the duplicate post, my Internet connection went to crap and I'm working off hotspot. @CKBlossom, agreed. I'm so used to going it alone by now it's not even funny. Even taking myself off meds without going on anything else. And @baabaa, sorry to hear about your re-diagnosis, I guess we can call it. That must be frustrating. Clinicians should really know how to treat this stuff. And differentiate them. They're in the DSM. "Not enough people come in wanting help/not that many people have it" are such lame excuses.


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