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Calming Sounds Website and/or App for Relaxation & Productiv

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Calming Sounds Website and/or App for Relaxation & Productivity: Noisli offers various ambient sounds that you can mix and control the sound levels of, or you can choose a preset for "relaxation" or "productivity". The website is free; the app (Android/iPhone) is 1.99. I've been telling everyone I know about it as I've been using it every day and it's made a difference in my stress level and ability to concentrate. The site and app also both change colors as you use them, as a form of chromo/color therapy. I read about it in an article somewhere - glad I did. If you have any apps or online resources you use that help you, please feel free to post them below. <3

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Aug 11

That sounds like a great app. Would love to learn more about chromo/color therapy!

Aug 13

I was diagnosed bipolar almost 20 years ago. Come to find out it is borderline personality disorder due to the trauma that I suffered in all of my youth and the 17 years of my last marriage. My husband was suicidal and tried to commit suicide on a regular basis and he left me a year-and-a-half ago, in our home all alone with no help. I am going to therapy at least weekly if not twice a week trying to understand this borderline personality disorder! Meds never ever ever worked for me and I was on meds for 20 years! The things I have read and the work I have done in a workbook have helped me more in the past two months than anything else. I appreciate comments and understanding from anyone suffering with person borderline personality disorder! It's extremely frustrating when you have memories that you're supposed to face but you can't because you can't remember.

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Sep 14

Hi, @Txgirlhere - hope you see this late reply. Welcome to the Borderline Personality Disorder Support Group. Glad that you've been helped by new information and sorry that it was such a long time coming for you. Recovery from Borderline is all about learning new ways of relating with ourselves and others, which takes time and practice. Good for you for being proactive and finding support. How has therapy been going for you?


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