BPD or Bipolar...why is it so hard to find someone who can t

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BPD or Bipolar...why is it so hard to find someone who can tell the difference? on my third doctor now.

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Aug 12

@naomibe thanks, i appreciate it <3

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Aug 13

@iamzero Would love to hear an update sometime on how that works for you!

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Aug 14

I know the feeling. I was misdiagnosed with type 2 Bipolar for three years and only got diagnosed with BPD three months ago. My psychiatrist explained that BPD ppl often get misdiagnosed because they also suffer from other mood disorders on top of the BPD which makes Bipolar an easy diagnosis. i have major depression and anxiety along with the BPD. the bipolar you are supposed to experience some form of mania. I was told i have hypo mania because it doesnt happen often but it turns out that i was constantly depressed , sad, frustrated ,angry along with anxiety. no mania ever. Keep looking for a better doctor


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