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***Trigger Warning maybe*** So my mum came over to my sch

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***Trigger Warning maybe***

So my mum came over to my school yesterday morning and met a boy in my room. Yes he slept over, no we did not have s*x. BTW my mum's totally uber christian so in her eyes, I'm a fornicator. She's was mad and worse disappointed and she said so. I tried apologizing all day yesterday, sent texts which she didn't reply to, called and she didn't pick up. Last night she told my dad and then he calls me and says, "I'm being loose and turning myself into a tissue paper to be used and dumped" and my mum says I've truncated my destiny and I'll never be able to face God ever again and the devil's caged my destiny.
I'm agnostic but I was raised Christian so I can't dare tell my parents about the agnosticism.
I'm mostly hurt because all my life I've tried to make them proud of me, it's all I've done.
I've been suicidal for roughly 5/6 years now and every time I fight it because I want to pay them back for all the parenting and make them happy but if I'm disappointing them this way, what's the point of staying alive?

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Aug 19

@DarkBeMe How are you now? Any news?

Aug 27

@DarkBeMe Just touching base! How is everything going?

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Aug 28

@Mary_Jane Hiii. Thanks for asking. I'm fine. Things with my parents are a bit better. Mostly because I'm lying to be them... Things with the boy are also kinda good. We care about each other a lot. And he's trying to understand me. I'm just not good at helping I'm that regard.


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