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sometimes i just feel so useless when i'm unable to help my

sometimes i just feel so useless when i'm unable to help my boyfriend with his problems or emotions. it really pains me to see him upset or depressed and me not knowing what the hell to do to help... i just wanna be the perfect and best boyfriend i can be and it makes me hate myself knowing that i can't be that.

Nov 22

I understand your feelings. Don't judge yourself too harshly. Being there is more than enough sometimes, but somehow we feel we have to do more. Have you asked if you could do more or what you could do to ease or comfort better? perfection is an impossible, please don't put too much on you. I felt sometimes the need to have all the answers for my friends or family however I learned that in order to grow and mature it is by experiencing these life seasons. some more challenging than others, it is inevitable, we cant skip them. they come to equip, grow and mature us..not so much to devastate us...although it seems or feels that way. Looking at the positive rather than negative helps a lot. take it a day at a time.


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