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My new kind of boyfriend kind of not, is having a lot of tro


My new kind of boyfriend kind of not, is having a lot of trouble with his ex wife and getting custody of his kids etc....he needs to clear his mind he says...which is perfectly fine and I I understand he doesn't want to see me this week as he has too much on his plate. My Emotionaly unstable BPD is not letting me leave him alone and be okay with this all easy...I'm going crazy feeling like he hates me, it feels like I'm to blame and I actually am a bit because this probably wouldn't have happened i didn't meet him...but feeling good and need friends to talk to so please pop up

Sep 13

Well for me I would feel the same way you are used to having him around and feel bad he is dealing with so much right now but keep trying to stay strong and let him have his time right now I do know it's very hard for you but in the end he will respect you more for letting him work out the issues he needs to work out right now. Try to keep yourself busy doing things maybe planning some dinners you can cook for him when you see him again or a dessert. xxx


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