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Trigger Warning ⚠️ (mentions suicide) I’ve been away f

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Trigger Warning ⚠️ (mentions suicide) I’ve been away for a while. Hi, All. Thank you for your well wishes when I was so unsafe and unstable. I’m in an IOP now and found an individual therapist who seems to be helpful so far. It’s a lot of work, but I am improving little by little.

Having a rough time right now though. Lost a very dear, dear loved one on Sunday. It’s triggered flashbacks to last May when we lost her brother just days after I resigned and attempted suicide, then I had the seizure and first psychotic episode that lasted six days. My partner is coping by immersing himself in work. And I’ve just been very alone.

Not sure how to deal with losing two siblings in one year. Or the emptiness. And being completely alone with myself. This is one of the biggest losses of my life.

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Feb 12

I lost both my brothers ten years apart. Both untimely deaths. I feel responsible for my younger brother's death in 2015, so you can PM me too if you want since I am still grieving. I am so sorry for your loss.

Feb 19

@ofelia I remember you too! I haven't been around for a while either. I'm so sorry for your lost but I am glad you're improving and hope you continue to do so. Hugs!!!!!

Feb 20

I lost several people I deeply care in just one year. It's really hard, right?
what helped me are: 1. doing something that do not require words. 2. watching movies at the theatre.
3. writing a journal and turning it into a song. 4. reading biographies of various people and thinking about life. 5. meeting/getting to know more people in the community and talking with them.
all the best :)


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