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***Trigger Warning ⚠️ I got myself all ready. It’s

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***Trigger Warning ⚠️

I got myself all ready. It’s all planned out, from my suicide plan to my wake and funeral. I made my wake into a theatre piece for my loved ones. I’ve been working on this tirelessly and obsessively for over a week. . . . . Over many years. It’s just finalized now. I want to go to the hospital for one last chance, but I keep going to the hospital and winding up in the same place except always with new stressors and pain. I can’t believe he asked for a divorce. He was my reason to keep going. My last reason. I just don’t care about myself or anything else anymore and I need to rest. I’ve done my job. College, travel, grad school, marriage, acting, teaching, career. It was a beautiful time for a while. But that time has passed. And I’m “out of hand and out of season, out of love and out of feeling so bad.” I’m done.

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Nov 15

Maybe this book would help: The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living' Lacey Sturm

Nov 22

***Trigger Warning. I can relate Ophelia. The only thing keeping me alive is that I haven't left my unit in weeks. So I can't get the materials I need. I feel too frightened to leave my unit.

Nov 23

Ofelia, could we talk? I would really like to hear your story. Your life sounds very accomplished. College, teaching, etc. I would love to talk about the gool old days with you.


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