Well, I learned never to get to *****....last week I wrote I was doing great well I bottemed out....Ive cut everyday a couple times a day. I did have one break through, my therapist asked me if I was stock piling meds which I said no....then I got home and looked around and found 10 bottles of pills I havent been on in awhile. So I called her and told her so I took them in to her and I dumped them into a sharps container. I felt very proud and she was proud which made me feel even better. I also celebrated my 23rd sobrity birthday. I just wish I could get ahold of this cutting. Quitting using was easier because I had meetings a spouncer and a support system that I could call day or night I had someone Now its just me...I NEED help and and ALL suggestions or help are welcome. PLEASE HELP!!!! Peej

Jul 8, 2012

I'm here if you ever want to talk. I know you can do it if you have someone to talk to and believe in yourself. I understand how emotional times can be hard alone.


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