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I can't find my kitty. She is my support system and my copin

I can't find my kitty. She is my support system and my coping mechanism. I've been crying for hours. I keep imagining the worst. What if she's hit by a car? Adopted by someone else? Lost and scared? Dead somewhere? I'm losing it. How will I ever sleep? She's my fuzzy purr blanket. What will I do if she doesn't come back? I cannot handle this. I was messed up before. But after looking for her for hours.. I'm off the deep end.

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kisobel's picture
Nov 6

I Am SO happy to hear that

RainbowChard's picture
Nov 7

So glad to hear your kitty is safe at home with you. <3

Nov 8

I'm so glad you found your kitty, friend. I hope everything is going on well with you. Hugs.


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