Starting to push everyone in my life away because of my BPD.

Starting to push everyone in my life away because of my BPD. And my OCD is getting so bad, I can't eat anything anywhere aside from home because I don't know if the person that prepared it washed their hands and or was a clean person. Even going over to families houses. I'm miserable and feel like I have no control of anything flashbacks are getting worse and my Xanax is starting to not work as well

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Jun 15

@rdpca1 will definitely do some research and mention it to him tomorrow. Thanks!

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Jun 18

@Kathryn23 Hi I hope the therapist meeting went well.

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Jun 19

@rdpca1 i mentioned to my psychiatrist I wanted to get off Xanax and he wouldn't take me seriously about it and just said we need to keep you on it for right now. Then added a mood stabilizer and a prescription for OCD. My therapist is referring me to a different psychiatrist that I will feel more comfortable with.


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