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"Sometimes the only good things you will hear about you are

"Sometimes the only good things you will hear about you are the things that you say to you"

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Jan 12

@Irrationallyrational95 perhaps you should try and absorb those positive comments and let your self esteem begin to grow?

steve823j's picture
Jan 12

@oyinboman. I think that one of the things I missed the most about this forum is that a comment such as yours coming from a "civilian" we come across to me as a jab. As in... "If only I could do that mister civilian, but my borderline won't let me." For whatever reason, when I see it or hear it from somebody who knows how I feel and lives where I live I open up I think about it and it's likely I'll try to practice it ...and rarely rarely have I ever taken anything I've read in this forum as critical. It comes from a peer and that makes all the difference in the world.

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Jan 12

@steve823j - It does.


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