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I can't do this. I'm home alone for the first time since the

I can't do this. I'm home alone for the first time since the hospital. That shoulda' been a h.e.l.l.y.a' right? Instead I'm traumatized. I can't remember my own words. I can't remember what I'm doing.. To top it off, I know the people, except I don't know them.. Gah! I can't stay in my skin.. Wanting to cracking, trying to crawl out. I have to secretly have to fix my medication every day so that the "wise adults" can fix them so I will not "take them in an adult abusive." I am crying and screaming at how their opinion bears my flow. Why can't I do it! My nightmares, frustration,shakes, and much are more. AND THEY WANT TO TALK TO DOCTOR MEDICATION "FACE " ON MY BEHALF!!!

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Jun 27

IF you trust your doctor, then yes, meds take time. IF you DO NOT trust your doctor, then find another doctor. We get second opinions for our A.C., cars, roof repairs, etc. Doctors are NOT god. They are NOT perfect. They make mistakes. So, decide what is happening then choose differently.

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Aug 13

I hate that "can't remember" stuff. It's scary and makes me think I'm going crazy. Hang in there. Easy for me to say because I'm not in your shoes. But this group is here for you.

Aug 13

Stay strong! can't reiterate what others said loud enough---if you trust your doctor, let the meds start to help you over time....if you think you want a second opinion DO IT! TRUST YOURSELF FIRST!!!!!


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