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I'm scared to tell anyone, even my therapist, that I've been

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I'm scared to tell anyone, even my therapist, that I've been feeling worse (more depressed and anxious) because I was finally starting to get better. It's partly that I feel like I've failed and partly that I'm scared they will freak out and think I'm suicidal again and commit me (even though my mom said she would never do that against my will). I guess it's irrational, but I still haven't said anything.

Edit: I told my therapist today and it went okay.

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Dec 3

I feel the Same way when I talk to My therapist, I want to say how I truly feel, But every time you mention anything like that, Shell kind freak out a little and im always worried about what she is thinking in that case, which makes it hard to explain how i truly feel.

Dec 3

Hello Hope,
I have a sister who was diagnosed with depression but she refused to have professional counselling. She’s not comfortable talking about her feelings to others. I’m glad that I can talk to her and it helps her to feel less lonely. I’m sorry that you are going through this. I hope you will feel better as you continue to post here in the forum. You are not alone, please keep us posted.

May the Lord’s peace and comfort be upon you and you will stay strong each day. Take care.

Dec 5

I am glad you told your therapist. Being honest with those in your life is part of being honest with yourself and bringing "it" out into the light where "it" can be dealt with. That is one of the key steps to freedom and healing. Go YOU!!!! Be proud of yourself, this is a victory. And, you will be this! Just believe in yourself. HUGS!


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