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I'm getting depressed thinking about my birthday this weeken

I'm getting depressed thinking about my birthday this weekend. I'm not going anymore, so it shouldn't matter, but I still want to do something. I just want a friend or family member to have a meal with me or something. I don't really have family though, and the only way I could get a friend to do something with me is if I paid. Even my kids tell me my birthday is sad. They always ask why noone sees me or gives me presents. Some years, they don't even know it's my birthday. I know it's dumb to make a big deal out of it, buts just another reminder of how no adult in this world cares about me and how I've lived for so long without achieving anything.

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Gela's picture
Jan 15

It's not stupid, every1s birthday should be marked. Happy Birthday and go out and treat yourself to something

Jan 15

Hi there,
My birthday is in December and is often forgotten by my family and friends. I have experienced some of those same feelings, and I want you to know that you are loved! You are thought about, and that your birthday matters. It is a celebration of life.

Have you considered buying yourself some flowers, enjoying a cupcake, or buying a balloon to celebrate your day? Just enjoy it! I found that by just being thankful that I am alive and that my limbs are working, my heart is beating, and that I am able to enjoy each moment of the day, is a big deal! I am so grateful to live and enjoy another day.

I pray that you have a fantastic birthday and enjoy your special moments. I am sure thinking of you, my friend. Happy (early) Birthday!

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Jan 16

Thanks for the advice and kind words. I'm trying to change my view of the situation, but I'm having trouble. I'm not grateful to be alive if I have to be alone. I don't want to go treat myself to anything because I cannot think of one thing that I will enjoy doing by myself. I'm going to try to sleep through the day. That seems like it will be the least harmful.


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