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I just realised that no matter how hard I try I'm forever go

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I just realised that no matter how hard I try I'm forever going to be worthless.I don't know why am I even trying.I am not worth being alive.My life is not worth living.I have no value in this universe.I am useless.

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Aug 10

I think we all have feeling like that at times, it is hard to overcome. Keep trying, it can get better

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Aug 10

As a human, you have worth. All life has some kind of worth. We can mess up and even feel broken, but that doesn't mean you are worthless. And u should keep trying because there is always hope that you will be okay. Take a breather and give yourself time.

Aug 10

You are a valuable worthy person who deserves to be alive. Try to think more positive and stay strong. Do not believe the negative things that your brain is telling because they are not true.


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