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I just hate the distractibility and the mental fog. I strugg

I just hate the distractibility and the mental fog. I struggle to accomplish half of what I need to do. Probably less than half. And today I felt like I kind of "bobbled a catch" at work. Yesterday too. Both times my actions were right, but my mental level of urgency was just inadequate. They were fine, everything happened as it should. But. I guess I'm really just annoyed at my lack of adrenaline. Worried that my judgement is getting slowed again.

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@RainbowChard -depression and anxiety, primarily. Not remaining in the present moment.

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Jul 18

I wonder if your psychiatrist can refer you to someone s/he trusts who can offer telemedicine during your off work hours?


@RainbowChard =( that would be sad! And she doesn't really, I guess. She recommended one doctor in the whole health system here, and that doctor isn't taking patients.


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