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I am feeling very low today. Seems like there is no escape f

I am feeling very low today. Seems like there is no escape from my mental traveler at all. I was just naively believing that I was getting well. It was all a lie. I have BPD. That's it.*Trigger* That's the only thing that defines me and my actions. It defines me, shadows me, follows me wherever I go, whatever I do. How much ever I try I will never be able to change even a shade of my behaviour. M crying as I write this because only tears are left for me. Since the day I was first abused sexually maybe that was the defining moment of my life. That was the day set in stone. Now, I can't do it but repeat the same self-harming behaviour again and again until nothing is left of me. I dunno how much of this I can take, how long I can go this way. I am so tired of it all...

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Sep 14

@zen-man Thank you....I'm feeling much better now...I have been searching for a DBT counselor in my area.... I hope your fiance gets the therapy he needs too... All the best...:-)

Sep 15

I am so happy to hear that your are doing much better and hope that you continue to feel better, and that your doctor is helping you. Thank you for your response. Bless you

Sep 16

@missmessedup (not that you are ;)) I am in the same boat as you. Starting DBT but scared to have faith I can actually get better 30 years later. My symptoms started arising when I was a young child. Here's to hoping we can make it through.


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