So I haven't been on this for a while as my psychiatrist tol

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So I haven't been on this for a while as my psychiatrist told me to steer clear of online support groups and I've tried it her way but I feel the support I've gotten here had helped me immensely. Plus I really need support right now. I obviously still struggling and broke down in work 3 times today like the embarrassment of that alone is huge. I don't feel I can go on any longer pretending I'm ok. It's not even just the emotional pain, it's the chronic pain over most of my body the not sleeping etc.. it's too frigging hard I've been fighting for so long countless suicide attempts. I've been self harming again I'm just lost I can't see any light. I try and try and try but it doesn't get easier! Going on since I'm 11 that's 20 years now! 20 hard bloody years! I'm just sitting here in my wheelchair trying to fight the urge to not go over to the chemist and buy tablets sobbing my heart out I dunno what to do

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Oct 11

great to see you again! I am sorry you are having difficulties, but it is nice to see you! I was just thinking about you the other day!

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Oct 12

@Vickyhayes30 - good to see you back, and I must say I disagree with your psychiatrist 100%. He/she doesn't know this group, and is making some sort of generalization about people communicating online. You say it's helped you immensely. It's helped me immensely and was suggested to me by a therapist. Anyway, like I say, glad to have you back! Big hug!

Oct 16

I'm very sorry you are hurting, but I'm glad to hear that you are finding support here. I watched this video on youtube the other day and found it very encouraging and quite inspiring. Maybe you will find a different perspective on life after watching it. Watch it at


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