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I will never love myself. What's the point? Therapy won't fi

I will never love myself. What's the point? Therapy won't fix it. Meds won't fix it. I give up. I'm so close to giving up.

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Jan 7, 2016

@mkirstenn hi...change what u can and accept what you cant. make peace with ur imperfections. a rose is pretty but its compelled to live with the thorns but it can still bloom ..... we can also...

Jan 7, 2016

@kaamini It has nothing to do with my looks. I'm a very pretty girl with lots of admirers. It has to do with my personality. I'm a bi*ch and I know it and I've tried to change but I only have two personality settings--doormat and b*tch. And I like b*tch better.

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Jun 12

I don't know why this post from 2016 appeared in the feed but reading it helped me...I can relate to that feeling of being almost at the point of giving up...not considering suicide just because of what would happen if the attempt failed... It's so seems like you're doing better and then boom. Ten steps back at once. Well, to be honest, I do feel a huge difference from how bad I used to feel years ago during a crisis and how I feel now. It's much better now, but it's still excruciating. Meh. I'm so glad I get along with my therapist. Have a nice day everyone


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