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I’m struggling again. A lot of the time I don’t see what


I’m struggling again. A lot of the time I don’t see what the point is. Bad things just keep happening. I get anxiety attacks that take over my life. I can’t breathe, can’t rest, can’t do anything. And then my thoughts go to “I just can’t do this anymore.”

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Feb 11

Im struggling too. Im battling illness, have a car issue, and a shower that keeps loosing water. But i still want to live. After having difficulty breathing I decided i would like to live longer.

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Feb 12

AUGold, sorry you're having a hard time. I struggle this time of year. I live in N.E. U.S. and we go days without a glimpse of sunshine. It's funny how, in the summer, when the sun is shining everyday, my mood is so much better.
I know what you mean about the bad things. We all are experiencing the same.
I have been doing a lot better though, controlling the anxiety. I heard that most anxiety starts in the gut. Who knew? I mean really, I was very skeptical. But I started researching it and was willing to try the suggestions because I was tired of panic and anxiety ruining my life.
I cut out caffeine, sugary drinks, white bread and pasta and sweets. I try to eat small meals all day long - never get too hungry. I eat nuts, eggs, yogurt, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, gluten free snack. And I drink water and herbal teas. I also take probiotics which are very important to the gut health.
I can honestly say that I am sleeping better than I have in years. I still have episodes of anxiety, but I am learning mindfulness. I read Rethink How You Think by Dr. David Stoop and Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen. Both books explained how our emotions follow our thinking. If we can learn to change our thoughts we can eliminate anxiety.
Saying a prayer for you that you are able to get through this rough patch and experience hope and peace.

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Feb 12

@initwithyou61 yea, I’ve change my diet, used probiotics, I’m even getting tms right now. It’s magnetic pulses they use on the mood centers of your brain. Not working as well as I’d hoped.


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