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wish I had someone to talk to and not feel so alone I hate m

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wish I had someone to talk to and not feel so alone I hate my life

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Apr 17

That's the BPD talking. I totally relate to what you're saying. I don't let people in much anymore, but online I guess I feel like I can talk about this stuff and vent because ya'll understand. Trying to tell my family and/or friends about my issues lol that never ends well. I do appreciate these support groups. It's so healthy to be able to talk about things that we rarely get off of our chest. It just sits inside of us and boils away at our self esteem. But, being here and being able to talk about things that I feel, without judgement. That is priceless. I hope you can feel the same at some point kw85 :)

Apr 17

@MissJamie I'm proud of you just for fighting for your kids. Many moms wouldn't. Keep doing this, you can get through this.

Apr 18

My comments are coming in goofy, sorry I just got the one where you said it's good that I'm fighting for my kid....really is it true that many parents don't fight for their kids anymore? I mean, it is a shitstorm of a process, omg. Did you mean people with BPD or just people in general? I guess I was just surprised to see that you said many parents don't go through with the custody battles....That's sad. Anyways, I hope your day is going good today :)


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