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* trigger warning * Trying so hard not to cut myself. Fe

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* trigger warning *

Trying so hard not to cut myself. Feeling all wind up and I just need a release..I think I'm gonna just do it..

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Apr 11

Hey, you guys are so kind. Thank you!
Unfortunately I did cut myself before reading these :( I feel bad, not because I did it, but because after I did it, it felt like such a relief, like everything that had been bothering me before didn't matter. Like I was exaggerating. I felt like I needed to do it. Everything has just been building up, and eating and alcohol didn't give me the instant gratification like cutting did. I feel so much better because I did it, which is bad. I don't want to relay on self harm to feel better :( Anyways, thank you all for the supporting words and encouragement.

Apr 12

I'm sorry it got to that point. I hope things get better for you.

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Apr 15

Let me take this opportunity to plug the list of resources at:


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