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Life is just so anxiety-provoking for me. I find that annoyi

Life is just so anxiety-provoking for me. I find that annoying and ridiculous. I'm grinding my teeth down and have arthritis in my jaw. I've picked at my lips so much that they're scarred. My stomach hurts, terribly at times, and I'm always running to the bathroom! The muscles in my neck and back are constantly in hard knots and I take so much motrin that it causes my stomach to bleed a little. I feel painfully short of breath when my anxiety at work is particularly high and I'm sure people think there's something wrong with me because of all my yawning and sighing. Mostly I have always just pushed through, dealt with the physical things if they're too bad. I think that it probably wears me down though, contributes to my depression. I don't know what it would be like to live life without constant anxiety and worry. Does that even exist?

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May 27

@Woichneigewesenbin I use and they have a lot of meditation classes.

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May 27

Sorry you're having some anxiety-related somatic issues. Hopefully your support folks can help you find some relief. <3

May 28

I hear you. Currently my depression/anxiety is giving me headaches, stomach pain, insomnia, intense sadness, and overeating. There is something wrong with us. We need help, but I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t have a support system. I have one new friend that cares about me. I have two brothers and a father who have never called to just stay in touch. I have two daughters, one why is hysterical and the other who is depressed. They hysterical one has two children which I can barely enjoy because she micromanaged every minute of their time, even if I am playing with or reading to them. She has often told me that she thinks I am evil and her children are not safe with me.

I’m like you—I have no idea what life i like without this horrible feeling. When I am honest, I am sad, and when I am being a fake, I look like everything is okay. This isn’t the way I want to live.

Have you been in this group long? Does it help you to be in touch with people who feel the same pain and can validate you? Have you every tried therapy or medication?

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