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I'm 42 years old today. I've got all three of my kids today,

I'm 42 years old today. I've got all three of my kids today, which is really great. But I've also got a dirty, messy apartment because I'm struggling to motivate. I woke up from a repeat dream of losing my spouse and my home. And my ex scheduled the kids for a birthday party I forgot about, which will require me to make small talk with other parents and to cancel the picnic I did want to have with some dear, supportive friends. None of it is that bad, but I feel so sad.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words! It was an ok day. Blazing hot outdoors so I wouldn't want a picnic anyways. I did have plenty of good moments with my kids.

Jul 31

Happy belated. Motivation when your feeling down is a hard one. Maybe make a goal for the day instead of beating yourself up over the whole house. Make your bed in the morning and you can see that as an accomplishment. Some days just tell yourself that being is simply enough and it's what you need. I am glad you have some friends who support you that's super important. I seem to lack those these days. I hope you find brighter days and lots of smiles.

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Jul 31

@Woichneigewesenbin that's awesome...you go gurl!!! Happy birthday!!!!


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