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My mother is home from the hospital. The hospital saw what I

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My mother is home from the hospital. The hospital saw what I saw - that my mother is not receiving adequate physical care at home, and a social worker was sent to visit the day after release. I don't know what the outcome is yet but I'm glad that someone else saw an issue and acted on that. For myself, I'm pruning harmful relationships from my life, and that means distancing myself from my family while I work on my borderline and c-ptsd symptoms and create more stability in my life. I start DBT group tomorrow and meet my new case worker and on Friday, I have an interview for a vocational training program. I've come to know that financial and emotional independence from my family is only possible by doing something I've never done, which is to work full time. I've danced around my ability to do that for a long time, not actually sure that I could - now I know that it's a necessity, and I have therapy and case management supporting my success. Today, I rehomed my dog, who is a great dog, but was causing a lot of chaos and distress for me that I was unable to otherwise resolve (every time he barked, I basically went through the ceiling with stress response). I felt really clear and good about that decision, and I feel good with my decision to fire my previous case worker last week. I felt emotionally unsafe with her while in an already triggered and suicidal state - I was glad my therapist supported my decision after the fact. Moved my living room furniture around this week, which is what I usually do when I'm experiencing big shifts in identity. Thanks for reading. <3

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Jul 12

Glad your realizing what you can handle at moment and taking care of yourself... hope you keep making progress!


Wow!! I'm so in awe of your bravery. I'm glad your mom is getting better support, and that you know now that you also deserve healing and support!

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Jul 12

Good for you. The DBT will change your life. On and up.


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