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Tomorrow's my 24th birthday. For the last 10 years, every bi

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Tomorrow's my 24th birthday. For the last 10 years, every birthday was worse than the one before it. I even attempted suicide on the last two. Each year, I dread this day more than ever. I panic and get into a depressive/suicidal mood. This year is even worse because I lost the one person who I thought truly cared about me. She left me and now hates me too. I don't think this cycle will ever end.

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Jul 14

Two days after my 60th birthday in June my son in law told me to leave. I went that night to a hotel and booked a flight the next morning, all together 600 dollars. He was in a fight with my daughter.
I cried to her and told her to think about the life with this guy. He called me a few weeks later apologizing, I was nice to him but inside I wanted to scream.I came back very depressed that day and wanting to die.Depressed to see my smart educated daughter being treated poorly by this ****. Every day it's something to fest this feeling, glad I don't drink too much but I went gambling even more.

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Jul 14

I think you should treat yourself this year! I think it would be a good coping mechanism by taking yourself out to a movie, or even connecting with an old friend and hanging out with them. Or even skyping/video chatting someone that you haven't seen in awhile. My best friend ended his life on his 16th birthday and that kid had so much more going for him. You have a lot going for you too, whether you see it right now or not :)

Jul 15

Everyone should plan themselves a great next birthday. Take a trip or something else just for you.


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