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Today I woke up strong. I woke up realizing that whatever hu

Today I woke up strong. I woke up realizing that whatever hurts me in my life, I can change. I've been choosing pain for too long, it's time to choose happiness. I'm the only person responsible for my life and the way it goes. Let's do this !

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Aug 13

@sqwoo Thanks for the response :) Already put messages for my sad future self haha. Trying to answer as many posts on supportgroups as I can. Wanna make this power work for someone else too. Started tidying the flat, it was long overdue. Have so much strength, it's amazing. Gonna go on a walk later, feel freedom again haha.

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Aug 13

@Dagon312 my motto LIFE living in freedom everyday. I'm 42 just got my 1st and probably only tattoo and it's just those 4 simple letters but that is what changed my life. Keep the positivity going, I love seeing the positive posts.

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Aug 13

@Dagon312 You can't go wrong with a good tidy up and clear out, its the first thing I do when I feel myself getting down again. You are sounding so positive right now, I feel like I wanna do something! Enjoy your walk :) x


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