Feel like nothing I do helps. There's always this initial ha

Feel like nothing I do helps. There's always this initial happiness when I try a new hobby or something but then it just gets dull and repetitive like the rest, can't ever achieve any goal, because it all just stops interesting me.

Not even bad things like drugs and alcohol fulfil me anymore. I don't look forward to getting drunk like I used to.

It's either pain or nothingness.

Aug 12

I'm just spit-balling here, but maybe your'e looking in the wrong place. Maybe try looking into something more meaningful I guess.

Yep.Yancy's picture
Aug 12

I know the feeling Dagon. I don't think it's easy to find fulfillment in much having BPD, it is definitely something we have to work very hard at achieving. I have found when I give of myself, like volunteering, that is when I fill fulfilled. I have a hard time giving of myself sitting across the table from friends or family, but when I actually get out and put myself in the situation to help people I don't know, my place of choice is at a dental clinic not far from me, that is when I feel good about me and not so consumed in what I feel like defines me. I get lost in what I am doing there and don't have time to dwell on all that is wrong with me. I have had a hard time pushing myself to actually get out to do these things lately, but this to shall pass.


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