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Alone from birth until the day that I die alone so much that

Alone from birth until the day that I die alone so much that I sit and I cry. These tears I shed silently unaware that all I want is for someone to care. Without any hope what more can I do but sit and reminisce in my memories of you. You've left me behind oblivious to the love I shall hold forever for you. Without a hope without a clue I will sit here and rot while dreaming of you.

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Mar 13

Sorry you are so lonely. Keep posting. We are here to listen and try to help when we can.

Mar 14

Sorry that you are in this place of loneliness. Is it current circumstances that are causing the loneliness to be oppressive right now or is it more pervasive/prolonged with your mental health?

Mar 19

just thought I would check back to see how you are doing today?


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