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Why do people hate me so bad, I'm not that bad of a person .

Why do people hate me so bad, I'm not that bad of a person . I even got a job today and noone cared .

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Jun 14

Re: "I wanna love myself again especially without thinking I have to have someone else go love me"..... I used Self Esteem work to get back to self love. I still have to work at it but it's better than endless, non-stop self contempt and toxic shame. My critical inner parents hate it but self esteem has worked for me. Just the simply statement: "I'm OK!" makes my day! It's up to me to challenge and change the ugly, toxic lies that my sick parents and others filled me with when i had no defense. good luck.

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Jun 15

Congratulations to the new job. Celebrate that even if it is with just yourself. It is not easy to be an individual but don't hate yourself if no one is there to stand with you. Focus on you and your new job and with time the right people with be there. Don't settle for less or you will get less.

Jun 15

Thank you thank helps


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