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I've been thinking a lot about why i chose to stay in a rela


I've been thinking a lot about why i chose to stay in a relationship for so long after i had already seen it going south. I think a big part of it was selfish in a way. I wanted him to love me. I wanted, and kind of expected, him to MAKE me happy. Like i expected him to somehow be so amazing that he could fix me. And i wanted too connect so bad that i ended up dumping things on him instead of sharing with/trusting him. It might sound like i'm blaming it all on myself. I'm trying to just acknowledge my mistakes instead of hating his. I'm realizing that I wanted stuff from him that i should have been giving myself

Jul 10


It takes a lot to admit the things that you have and that your boyfriend is not to be blamed for everything. We know that we cannot expect anyone to fix us and that we cannot fix others. I think you have been brave in admitting these things.


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