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It’s 1am I can’t sleep like usual but this particular ni

It’s 1am I can’t sleep like usual but this particular night I’m fighting off the terrible hopeless feeling I get when I’m alone. I know I’m not truly alone but I’m feel desperately lonely. However, I dread the feeling of ever letting someone outside the support group know me. I destroy all Those relationships I get involved in. In the beginning I have the confidence and security that makes me feel a hundred feet tall and soon the cracks in me begin to show and slowly much like pulling out a knife with the lightest touch he slowly disengages and I know at that point it’s over . He saw me the real me and said it was too much for him . I screamed I hated him and that we were better off ,but he and I both knew this was my end. And he was ok with that. Wipe his hands clean and leave the mess , me behind.

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Ms.Bridges's picture
Nov 7

@Hurtingheart71 thank you and as for reaching out I feel as though with interactions with someone like you it makes it easier for me to reach out and be honest and I wanna truly thank you for this.

Hurtingheart71's picture
Nov 8

No need to thank me, that's what we are here for. Feel free to reach out to me any time! Hang in there.

Nov 8

@Ms.Bridges Do you see how kind and thoughtful you were in that reply? Maybe in your own life you should make a record of the times when youre with somebody when things are going good. A video, an audio recording, write it down. The laughter, the fun youre having, the smiles, the memories. Whatever you need to do and then after you have a hard time, when things arent going bad, when things cool down. Take it out and show the person and remind them thats who you really are. So many times mental illness twists who we are so the world cant see it. Let people see the beautiful caring person you truly are and remind them that theyre human too. Nobodys infallible on this earth. Thanks for what you said too.


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