I'm new to this page I'm currently in the military I've been

I'm new to this page I'm currently in the military I've been married for 9 years with my wife and which has BPD. It's been really hard on our relationship. She left me 3 times before and she always blames me for everything that's wrong with our marriage I even started to believe it. Right now I'm on training for deployment and few days ago she told me that she is leaving again and when I get back she won't be there. I love my wife dearly but it's extremely hard it tears me up everytime and I'm just hurting. I don't know if I should keep fighting for this relationship or just let her go. I guess I'm just looking for help if anyone out there is going through the same problem or similar that can give me some answers that would help big time

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May 21

Does it help?

May 23

@Pretendyoudontknowme Thank you all for sharing your thoughts & advice to me, I wish I've known all of these before, I haven't been on the site for a couple days because I'm extremely depressed, I came back from training Sunday morning and was greeted with a protection order. I love my wife to the fullest of my heart, everyone around me is saying I should leave her because she's going to destroy me but deep down I want to stay and use all these new tools I've learnt on this page and all the research that I've been doing. I honestly don't know.


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