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I've been on social media, and often find myself comparing m

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I've been on social media, and often find myself comparing myself to other girl's body sizes and shapes. I'm thinking to myself if I was skinnier or thinner maybe someone would find me attractive and date me. I'm struggling with low-self esteem and depression. I keep obsessing with waist comparison and body size with myself and other women. I just want to think normal and accept myself, and encourage myself to just pursuing a healthier life.

May 8

This is difficult to bare, I know. I have been there and it is tough! I had to get off of social media, I just couldn't handle it. Try to focus on fun and active things that you enjoy. I had to make eating healthy fun too, by doing tons of research and journaling about it. I am here if you want help, resources, accountability, or just chat. I believe in you. Big hugs!

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May 9

@APOR2017 thanks


All I can say is ME TOO it’s hard


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