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Every now and then I find myself becoming jealous again.. of

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Every now and then I find myself becoming jealous again.. of everything. Having a family, friends, materal.things, weight loss, clothes, freedom, a life, a good job... I feel sick to my stomach. Why cant things just be normal, I'm working hard and trying. Sick of not being able to enjoy my life. And yes I know if I want a change I need to make it happen, I dont need the lecture.

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Mar 23

My oldest daughter told me she felt that way when she went on Facebook all the time because people usually only talk about the good stuff they enjoy. Not everyone talks about their sorrows or suffering. Consequently it made her life seem bad in comparison. So she doesn't go on there comparing her life with others anymore. I found when I compared myself with others it was always a problem too. I'm not assuming you're doing that. But just in case you are, it's just a suggestion. I like the fact you are acknowledging what good you do have because gratitude becomes a habit and that turns into optimism over time, I think.

Mar 23

Try to focus on something good that has happen to you and keep working towards the changes you want to make. Change is not easy to make and it will take time, Please just don't give up. Remind yourself of the good things about yourself and be kind to you. You deserve it.

Mar 26

peppermintsunrqse, I am here if you want to chat. I am so glad that you are here so that we can encourage you. I truly am sorry that you feel this way. Big hugs!!


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