Support is necessary

I love doing Yoga, but I am not one of those Gumby Yogis or Yoginis on Instagram, I need blocks at times, or a chair, blankets, straps, I do my best, but often I need a little assistance. I can get a bit down at times because I want to just bound into a pose, but that isn’t how my body operates and that is something I have had to learn to be okay with. I can only keep practicing and slowly, oh so very slowly, changes are made, a little more flexibility, a little more strength, better form, a more complete expression of a pose and so on.

Remember, you matter too

I was talking to a neighbour today that I don’t often get the chance to talk to. We used to when our kids were younger, but as a mom/caretaker I get it, our time is severely limited to short interactions with other adults outside work or working out. In fact our face time had to do with her needing a workout mat and I had one I needed to get rid of! I was having a Marie Kondo moment and decided I didn’t in fact need several mats as I was the only one using them!

Hello Summertime!

This is the time of year where my quiet, nice life gets overtaken by my children, the kiddos that took up residence in my body and used to love nothing more than a few toys and cartoons are now bored out of their skulls. Now they plug into their devices until another camp is scheduled or another activity is planned. Basically I am their credit card, chauffeur and chef.

Loving the Body you have

Guy, Girl, Trans, Gay, Straight, every ethnicity and race, we all have a body; we have the one we have and the one we wish we did. Not a day goes by where I don’t see a magazine cover, a tweet, a news story, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram post on, you guessed it, getting the body of your dreams, the perfect thigh gap, the six pack abs…. It is exhausting. Have you ever wandered through an art gallery and looked at the amazing array of bodies that make up fine art, if you haven’t you should!

Keeping all my plates up in the air

When life gets busy and things seem so far beyond my control I do a mental check, are all my plates still spinning up in the air? I have this image that when things are good I am like an old fashioned circus act where I am spinning plates on a pole, each new task or worry is a new plate. When things are bad I see broken pottery crashing around me and my sticks have stopped spinning. All of you must have your own image or analogy to represent how you are feeling at any given time, but that is ours.


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