6 months into 2020, what a wild ride of a year thus far!!!

To all our amazing members, welcome to Thursdays where we put our newest thoughts, ramblings, support, wisdom and questions here in our blog. We are almost 6 months into 2020, a year that seemed so full of promise and innovation and then it rose up and slapped us upside the head, and in came a word most of us had only mouthed when watching a movie or reading a book, Pandemic.

It feels like the world is burning...

Since the death of Amaud Abrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd the world has rightfully been in an uproar! Watching the protests, participating in the protests, watching the politicians pontificate, having conversations with our children about their deaths... adds additional anger, stress, anxiety, depression... to our already taxed mental health. Processing all this as either an ally or as a person who has had to deal with oppression because of the color of your skin, the religion you espouse, your sexual identity...


I am constantly amazed by how resilient my children are. Today we picked up all their school supplies from school. due to social distancing we had to stay in our car, but we got to wave to their teachers. both past and present, and I will admit, I got teary.

Maybe we were made for this time in history...

Yesterday was the first time in over 2 months that going out of the house involved a trip that didn’t entail food. The big outing was a doctor visit, but hey, it was kind of nice to drive somewhere other than to pick up groceries. The masks are hard to get used to, frontline workers are heroes on so many levels, being able to breathe and not pass out wearing a mask should now be on the top of the list of super hero skills!


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