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Blood Donation Equality

Some days reading the news is well, depressing and awful to be honest. You read down the list of Doom, Bad Person, Fire, Pestilence, War, Bad, Really Bad, Way BAD and well, that is enough for today, this is seriously bad for my Mental Health and then (que Etta James and her glorious “At Last”) you find one nugget of gold. That nugget is that after 40 plus years of bigotry, the FDA is finally changing their rules that essentially banned gay and bisexual men from donating blood!


Back to School

As summer vacation comes to an end and a new school year approaches, the thought of returning to school can bring a mix of emotions for kids, teens, parents and custodial adults. Our emotions will range from excitement and anticipation to stress and anxiety. In order to help kick off the school year, here are some tips on how to best to prepare your children and teens for a healthy and successful school year from a mental health perspective.


Depression: A Silent Killer

Depression, a common but severe mood disorder affects how you feel, think, and manage daily activities. It causes feelings of sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed and can lead to various emotional and physical problems.


Goals all Year Round

We are almost three quarters of the way done with 2023, let that sink in for a few minutes because honestly we are just about getting used to putting the year correctly on forms! As the year winds down every year, the hot topic is making or setting goals. We eagerly jot down a list of ambitious resolutions that often fizzle a month in, but it’s a time honored tradition that provides a sense of optimism and renewal. While the intention is undoubtedly positive, the concept of limiting goal setting to a single period in the year is really counterproductive.


Toxic Relationships

Navigating personal relationships is an integral part of the human experience. Unfortunately, not all relationships are beneficial or nurturing. Some can be overwhelmingly negative, introducing harmful patterns into your life, often referred to as toxic relationships. In this blog we help identify what a toxic relationship looks like and tips on how to successfully walk away from toxic people in your life.



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