Coffee talk

In case no one has ever told you this, tea and toast make most things better, add a little Nutella to the toast and you have magic, add in a good book to this dynamic pair and well, we are off to the races! With all this time at home, our energy level often fizzles off around 10 a.m. no matter how many cups of coffee we drink. The million and one questions a day from the kids on their every 20 minute break from school, which happens a room away from where we are working, has gone from bothersome 6 months ago, to the thought that maybe if I hide under my desk they won’t find me.

Living a worthy life

Even in a pandemic, time goes marching on. If you are in the South, school has started once again. In our household, that meant recycling a whole lot of notebooks and spiral pads, setting up a workstation at home and making sure all the technology had the wifi password saved. It also meant we didn’t need to go back to school shopping (SCORE) and whether or not our kiddos will ever see inside a classroom again, well, that is very much up in the air.

Pride Month, COVID comes a knockin and Queen Bee Beyonce

June is over y'all, we are more than half way over with 2020, don’t worry if you had no idea what month it was, we have no idea unless we look at the calendar ourselves! The last week or so has been hard, COVID-19 has come creeping into our abode and well, it is like getting a visit from the boogey man and while it has been a mild version playing out in our house, let me tell you, getting a positive diagnosis is scary AF!

Managing Stress during a Pandemic

Another week has flown by, more days at home with the occasional outing to buy groceries or a guilty visit to a non essential store, while ALWAYS wearing a mask-because HELLO, it really isn’t rocket science, but then at some point of the day you check the news for the daily COVID-19 numbers in your city.

It is hard to stay upbeat somedays...

It is hard to stay upbeat somedays, we vacillate between reading about peaceful marches, watching people being shot and killed before our eyes (it seems like a fictional horror show or thriller-not real life, RIGHT?), reading stories about people with COVID-19, going out to appointments and grocery stores with masks on and then looking around and seeing people without masks...the desire to crawl back into bed with a sleeve of Oreos is just really strong some days.


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