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The Kindness you don’t expect

On Monday, the first day of early voting, I decided to brave the lines and vote. It was a little wet and chilly, but I set off, I actually had a great time talking to people in line, things were going great until we were waiting for over an hour and I had to leave for school pickup. I was so annoyed, I wanted so badly to do my civic duty, the one we keep extolling you all to do, to vote your conscience and for the candidates that most align to your world view.


Imperfection is my kind of perfect

Every evening around 5 p.m. I start cringing, it is time to start dinner, I don’t actually find the task of cooking to be that horrible, I don’t even mind the shopping, but when your kids are critics of the worst kind, the desire to cook delicious and nutritious meals for them is not exactly the highlight of my day. Growing up, I can’t actually say I remember many of the meals we ate at home, we did eat at home many nights of the week, but whatever was made, you ate, because that was what was expected.

Making time for the little things

October, as you probably have guessed, is the best month in our humble opinion. Halloween and trick or treating is the absolute pinnacle of the month, but it is also early voting, which we are very passionate about, it is also Mental Health Awareness day today (or yesterday for you, our readers), and it also the beginning of Flu season, not so fun, but it is oh so important to remember to get your Flu Shot! I know, Flu Shots are anything but exciting, but it is so important to put preventive care at the top of your to-do list.


Tis the month where being a little crazy, a little witchy and different is ENCOURAGED!

I have been to both a doctor’s appointment, for myself, and to the orthodontist, for a kiddo, this week (and it's only Wednesday) and I wasn’t even upset about it! Normally, it is a long, drawn out time wipe on my schedule, but not this month, the offices were decorated for Halloween and they had Keurigs, and that made everything okay. I kid you not, this month with all the decorations, parties, food and candy (except candy corn, they are just a waste of calories, they taste like you should light them up, i.e. they taste like what I imagine a candle tastes like) make me so happy.


Feeling Blah

How is everyone doing lately? I will admit to not feeling very cheery lately, I have been glued to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook like a fiend, I have been digesting all this information on, to begin with, one of my ultimate favorite actors as a kid, Bill Cosby. I watched the Bill Cosby show every week, I loved it, it was a brilliant show, Doctor marries a Lawyer, the show was heaven.



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